Analysis Result Manager

Review and print hundreds of reports with an impressive ease
Big project in Java

July 2012 & july 2013 - Software Engineering for Alpreco

Alpreco is perfoming tons of food analysis everyday and they needed a reliable tool to automate the generation and printing of reports.

This was the instructions I was given to develop (from scratch) the java application that is now used by their employees everydays. The application uses several apis to manages keys points of the project like storing elements into databases, generate .pdf files, print files, and so on... And a huge effort was put into the interface to make it as much user-friendly as possible even tough it is a completely original way of displaying informations. The software is now saving hundreds of hours per year to the employees thanks to a semi-automated report processing.

I am still working/updating the program when I have free time, along with fixing encountered issues.

Technology used: Java Swing Neodatis Odb JXL ItextPdf PDFRender .csv